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When someone decides to use your property as their own personal parking lot, you need a company that is experienced in illegally parked car towing. Founded in 1992, Titan Recovery is the most reliable and effective unwanted car removal company in the James City, NC area. If you are a parking lot operator or private property owner, we can provide local junk car removal near me at any time. With positive reviews from previous customers in the James City, NC area, Titan Recovery is the most reliable illegally parked car towing company in the area.

Every unwanted car removal job is different. Therefore, we are equipped for all environments. We believe that someone else’s car should not be your problem. So we make sure that if you need illegally parked car towing, we can be there at any time. We also understand that you may require unwanted car removal at any time. That’s why we make sure we are open 24/7. 

We understand that unwanted car removal can be a pain and can be stressful. That’s why we always make sure that we are at the end of the phone, so when you need illegally parked car towing, we’re there.  This guarantees that you will no longer have the worry of someone else’s car on your property. We approach each unwanted car removal with professionalism and expertise, ensuring that you get the highest level of service. In addition, we believe that you shouldn’t have to pay extortionate fees to remove the car from your property. That’s why our illegally parked car towing rates are competitive and reasonable.

Most importantly, with our highly trained crew, we are committed to providing exceptional service to the James City, NC area. They use their expertise and local knowledge to make sure that when you call is for unwanted car removal, you can count on us.

Unwanted Car Removal

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Titan Recovery and their team always use the most reliable and effective equipment to get that unwanted car off your property. Our crew is also highly skilled and trained. That makes our illegally parked car towing service the best in the James City, NC area. Our team responds quickly. As a result, we can deliver our services to you and remove the unwanted car as quickly as possible.

Junk Car Removal Near Me

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Whether you are a parking lot or property owner, our staff and crew will ensure that when you need unwanted car removal. Our illegally parked car towing services are always on call.

Once you contact us, our staff will dispatch our crew to your desired location. Because Titan Recovery is a locally owned and operated business, we are fast to respond to calls for junk car removal near me. We are also reliable and a company you can trust, right when you need urgent unwanted car removal.

At the property, our crew will provide our trusted illegally parked car towing service. So the car will be off your property in no time. We don’t just take away the car. We believe that our fast and trusted services will take the stress of someone’s car on your property away.

Local Junk Car Removal

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If you are asking, “where can I find a service that offers junk car removal near me?”, why not contact us? Our office is located in New Bern, NC and we are open 24/7. Contact us by phone at (252) 637-9457 or through our contact form on this website. We serve the James City, NC area including Blount Creek, Vanceboro, Cove City, River Bend, Trent Woods, New Bern, Bridgeton, Brices Creek, Pollocksville, Wintergreen, Pamlico County, Oriental, Aurora, Grantsboro, and Mesic, NC.

We look forward to hearing from you and look forward to helping you with unwanted car removal.

For information on flatbed towing, please see our Flatbed Tow Truck Near Me page.


Don Hill Avatar
Don Hill
3/20/2019 - Google

Had an urgent need in the early AM hours. Contacted their office and was greeted by someone on the... read more

Cheryl Chilton Avatar
Cheryl Chilton
11/20/2018 - Google

Extremely helpful and very kind people during a difficult time. Thank you for the great service.

Billie Hefner Avatar
Billie Hefner
10/20/2018 - Google

Thanks for helping the town of New Bern during Florence by helping with the water rescues.

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Titan Recovery is a locally owned business. We serve areas including New Bern, Bridgeton, Brices Creek, Pollocks, Wintergreen, Ernul, Edward, Greensboro, James City, Trent Woods, River Bend, Cove City, Vanceboro, Blount Creek, and Greensboro, NC. 

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